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My mother passed away yesterday morning. There is both nothing and everything to say about this, and my journaling has withered with disuse, so I will leave it at that for now.

I miss her.

Small mercies

The October GQ has Olivia Wilde on the cover, with the headline "Why We're Wild About Olivia Wilde". Which is sort of cheesy, but hey, such are headlines. We learn in the accompanying article that she changed her name when she began her acting career; her parents are named Cockburn.

I can only imagine the headline writers at GQ are really glad she made that choice.

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I think it's kind of awesome that I have to program my spellchecker at work to accept "lol" as a word.

It would be more cool if it weren't just shorthand for limitation of liability, but you gotta take the joy where you find it.

(Did I take foolish delight in titling my memo on permissible upper limits on limitation of liability "Lolcaps"? Oh hell yes I did.)


My first sole-byline legal publication was released today: a Focus piece in the San Francisco Daily Journal. (My first legal publication was an article last summer I assisted a partner with. It sorta counts.)

I have a particularly bad case of the feeling-like-a-frauds on this one, but the people who've read it seem to think it adequate.

Iss mah birfday uh-morrow!

It having been almost a third of a century since I came into this world, some observation of the day seems appropriate.

It having been almost a third of a month since I had a proper day off, a big hullabaloo seems less than totally appealing. (Especially as Sunday will almost certainly be spent reading reams of supplier agreements.)

Thus, in honor of my natal day, we will be At Home to Guests tomorrow, starting around lunchtime. If people would like to come and say hello, we would love to have you. There may well be snacks and tasty beverages. Weather permitting*, we might even break out the hot tub.

Email me if you haven't been to our new place; it turns out that Google Maps lies.

*disclaimer: weather may not be permitting

Three Dog Night

So we have two guest dogs with us this weekend. They're having fun tearing all over the place and somehow inspiring Finn to do things like climb up on the dining room table. And periodically, all three dogs will decide to come see me and look at me soulfully, as if to say:

Finn: I'm the cutest dog in the whole wide world!
Skipper: No, I'm the cutest dog in the entire universe!

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For years I have wanted a particular utility. I want a program that I can feed the names of everyone I want to stay in touch with, and the last time I contacted them. It would then prod me whenever it had been some set amount of time since I communicated with X, Y, and Z.

Does anyone know if such a thing exists? It seems like it would be a fairly simple Facebook app. I know that professional contact managers like sales reps use would probably do what I want, but that seems excessive.

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I have spent all goddamn evening trying to get my computer to connect to the wireless. Even now, I have only managed to get my Ethernet to work correctly. I've tried everything I can think of, but no matter what I do it just won't give me a freaking IP address. Plus my computer keeps connecting to the trailer park next door's router. Which won't give me an IP address either. Which suggests that something is probably wrong with my computer, but damned if I know what.

On days like these, I really wish there was somewhat I could blame for wireless networking. Because they would probably live in my neighborhood, and then sweet vengeance would ensue.

In which I vent like an aging coal plant

I saw an article today about a poll which asked whether people thought that global warming was predominantly due to human activity or natural activity. This appears to be a major part of the debates surrounding climate change and appropriate policies thereto. I think it's an extremely pernicious framing of the issue, and sensible people should resist it (even those people who are skeptical about climate change but interested in rational policymaking).

Primarily, this is because OMG CLIFFHANGERCollapse )